Copywriting in Your Email Campaign

Want to double or triple the number of new leads and customers you generate each month with your emails? Try focusing your Email campaign with copywriting techniques.

Copywriting in Emails is the art of using attractively written content focusing around a service or product to sell. A tool used to tempt the reader by making the items for sale seem attractive, desirable and at the same time beneficial. Copywriting is often described as a play on words where the best and the most persuasive campaigns win.

Whenever you email someone, you’re basically trying to sell a point. So what better way to communicate than with the language of copywriting in your Emails.

The secret is to balance the right blend of benefits and features in your Email marketing copy. Here are some tips to try in your next email marketing campaign.

1. Pack a powerful headline punch. Check top magazine article headlines of the day to see what’s working best. Tailor yours accordingly.

2. Draw readers in with a great lead opening. Look to top articles in the news for ideas. And reach out and grab your readers in a similar fashion.

3. Keep the main message focused on no more than 3 main benefits your product or service offers the reader. Present credible info, not hype. And include testimonial when possible to back up claims.

4. State your proposition in a personal way, since the focus is all about the customer…i.e. write in the “You” form, not “he or she.” And talk about them or things that they can relate to.

5. Focus on customer benefits. People like to save money, join in and be a part, learn more, earn more.

6. Offer multiple selling points in bullet form. Write them from customer’s point of view & reflect their needs.

7. Thoroughly describe the product. Give the customer all the information they need on the product or service in order to make a well educated decision.

8. Create a call to action. Tell the customer what to do exactly, step-by-step.

9. State your unique selling position to differentiate yourself from competition. For example, tell why your product is better than the competition’s.

Go for the gusto in selling your email messages with sound copywriting techniques. Sell your audience on reading more, navigating on your site and communicating in some way to show they got your message.

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