Create Bonus Reports

Selling any product creates competition. Your job is to find a way to attract customers to your product in spite of the others similar to it. One way to do this is to charge the same price, but offer your customer just a littler bit more than the competition does.

Taking articles you have previously published, giving them a new twist and turning them into reports can be just the edge you need. You can offer these reports as bonuses to buying customers. You might even want to create reports specifically for this purpose.

The reports you offer must relate to the product you are currently trying to sell. Maybe the customer would like to have more information on using your product or maybe it will benefit them in ways they hadn’t considered, use this information in the report. You can also use the same report to gain the customer’s interest in another of your products.

The value of the product is greater when a bonus is included. If you are just the affiliate of a product and not the actual seller, you can still benefit by letting buyers know that they can obtain your report once you have proof of their purchase. This brings them to you.

Give your short reports the title of special or bonus and include information such as your name and a link to your website in the report somewhere. Add permission to redistribute the report and you have given your customer a bonus they will consider valuable.

It costs nothing to create these reports unless you hire someone to write them for you. You gain an advantage over your competition by offering more. This increases your sales and both you and your customer feel satisfied.


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