Decreasing Web Traffic

The process of controlling web traffic can be at times complex and sometimes even impossible to manage. If a site is to be successful then it is necessary that the owner knows how to not only interpret the web traffic their site receives but also restrict or encourage it. Through interpretation of the traffic one can determine which parts of their site are the most popular and which parts require a little work. If the site receives too little traffic then it is likely that the website will become extinct. On the other hand if a website receives too much web traffic then it may have to temporarily shut down. This temporary shut down can consequently cause the website owner to lose out on a substantial amount of potential profit. As such, the monitoring and controlling of web traffic is essential.

While a shortage of web traffic can be fixed with relative ease and in a number of ways, an abundance of traffic presents a slightly more complicated problem. There is certainly a great deal of methods through which one can limit access to their site yet none of which is overly simple. Protecting various sections of your website via a password is one means of limiting access and restricting viewing to merely those with passwords. This method is not exceedingly complicated yet it does involve a little work when it comes to implementation and supervision. For sites that are bound to receive a wealth of traffic this method is of particular effectiveness and value. Along with this, a site administrator can also choose to restrict access to their site geographically. That is, limiting access to those within a specific geographic region, such as your host country. This is a particularly useful means of limitation if your website has sustained attacks from users outside your country.

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