Dominating your Niche Market

If you’re like me you don’t like to exaggerate, in fact, quite the opposite, I prefer to understate things and let the facts and results speak for themselves. In the internet marketing game however, if you don’t tell people that your product is better than the next person’s and list all the reasons why, you’ll end up losing out because your customer never had a chance to see for themselves why your product was so good and the obvious choice when compared to your competitor’s.

This means that, you guessed it, your product has to be the best on the market or at least, beat your competitors in the major areas that appeal to your target market. For example, Rapidforex is a leading foreign currency trading course, arguably the best available anywhere. The course teaches everything that any of the other Forex courses teach plus additional unique techniques. The competitor’s products were a sounding board to use the principle of exaggeration. That is, by knowing what was on the market and aiming to beat competitors in every area, the product had to match up to what was promoted! And it did.

Other Forex courses offer up to 30 page ebooks free and Rapidforex created a free ebook several hundreds of pages long and better than most that were costing a few hundred dollars. Instead of one strategy, they include more than 30. Instead of a 5 to 10 part mini course, Rapdiforex offers a 20 part eCourse. You get the drift. It may sound like I’m writing a plug for Rapidforex and in a way, I am. The key here is that this website is known to have had massive success and I just so happened to find out the details about it.

They took what others were doing successfully and then did it on a bigger scale. The principle here is if you do something that your competitor is doing and improve it, you’ll often see an exponential increase in profits as them. So, do your research and find out what others are doing in your chosen market. By doing more than what they’ve done, you’ve got a huge chance of success and most competitors won’t go that extra mile to outdo what you’re offering the market so you’ll end up on top.

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