Greet Your Online Visitors With One Big “HELLO”

Let’s assume that you have a website and you are using it only for statically presenting your company, while running your offline business runs smoothly. Recently you read an article about Online Live Chat Support, and now you ask yourself: Why should I put extra effort into serving my online visitors?

The story goes like this:

If you were your customer, where would you search for information about some type of products, services or companies?

On the internet perhaps?

That is also the place where your customers probably search for information about your company and products.

If you are now asking: We already have a presentational website of our company, why should we put extra effort in serving our online visitors?

The question depends mostly on your current online presence (awareness of your website, number of visitors, rankings in search engines and similar) and your future plans for efforts in that field. But in fact, it all comes down to determining what kind of results you can expect from providing your website visitors with better website support.

Providing information about your company and products through website presence is the right effort, but why not use that touch-point to provide exceptional customer service, improve the perception of your company in customers’ minds and the company reputation?

Placing the chat button on your website will create a warm, friendly atmosphere where your customer will be greeted with a warm welcome line: “Hello, how may I help you today?”. Just like in your physical store!

Here are some of the direct benefits of using Online Live Chat Support:

• You can provide any information your customers need about your company and products in real time(just like they have walked in your physical store);
• You can personally lead them through the purchase process, asking them questions and customizing your offer to each of them;
• You can initiate chat with any visitor anytime;
• You can promote your special or seasonal offers to each of them;
• You can have an instant view of how many visitors are currently browsing your website;
• You can see how long they have stayed on each page;
• You can see where the visitors are coming from (which country);

During this process, you also get many indirect benefits:

• Most important thing is that you communicate with your customers;
• You provide them with exceptional online customer service;
• You can find out what your online customers are like and how to cater for them;
• By answering their questions, you can find out what kind of information you can add to your website or your FAQ;
• Interacting with your website visitors, you can set the ground for long-term relationships with them;
• You can replace your phone support and save a lot of time and money answering customer’s questions by phone (online receptionists can talk to multiple clients at once)

The Internet has received many critics for not having the “human dimension”, which is most important when dealing with customers. It seems like things are moving around now and companies are moving in the direction of interacting with customers and getting their feedback in every possible way.

Using Online Live Chat Support, you can connect with your customers, get a feel of what they want and even ask them questions. Why not say “Hello” to your visitors?

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