Helpful Tips for Outsourcing Article Writing

Are you interested in outsourcing your article writing? Regardless of what you intend to do with those outsourced articles, you need to take a few steps. These steps, a few of which are outlined below, will help to ensure you see success with outsourcing.

Know How to Find Writers

Did you know there are thousands of men and women online who want to make money writing articles? There are, but they aren’t always easy to find. Article writers tend to hangout in online forums that are devoted to the trade. Can you post your projects on those forums? If so, do it. You can also use online bidding websites to your advantage. They are an easy way to gain access to hundreds of quality writers.

A standard internet search can also be performed with the phrase “freelance writer.” Many writers have websites that outline their rates and provide links to samples. This approach is nice as you get to handpick your writer, without having to sift through hundreds of applications and resumes.

Choose Affordable Writers

If you are outsourcing your articles, you will want to make a profit from them. It doesn’t matter how you intend to use them, you must profit from them. Never pay a writer that you cannot afford. Remember the main goal of using articles to generate traffic to a website or reselling them is to make money. The less you pay a writer, the bigger profits you will retain.

Understand Importance of Quality

Yes, affordability is important when looking to outsource, but quality is just as important. If you are paying for exclusive rights, you should be able to take all articles and use them right away. It is a waste of money, no matter how little you pay, if you have to rewrite or fix multiple spelling errors.

Ask for Samples

In keeping with quality, ask all writers for samples of their published work. Never hire a writer just based on their word. Always request samples before awarding a writer your project. They can help ensure you are spending your money wisely. They also reduce disappointment.

Give Detailed Directions

Providing your hired writer with detailed direction is a must. Without clear directions, you may experience disappointment. An experienced writer will ask questions, but not all will. That is why should provide as much information about your wants, needs, and expectations beforehand.

How many articles do you need written? What is the expected word count? Do you want keyword article, content articles, or a combination of the two? Do you want your article to have a casual tone or a statistical tone?

Set Rules

In addition to outlining what you expect in terms of the articles, also state your expectations concerning the project as a whole. Do you want exclusive rights to the articles? If so, make this know. Let your writer know they cannot reuse the articles again, even just for personal use. They need to know that you walk away as the sole owner of them.

Check for Uniqueness

By following the above mentioned steps, you should be paired with a quality writer who produces unique content, but there are no guarantees. Do not fall victim to someone who scams you with plagiarized articles. Use a program, like CopyScape, that checks for plagiarized articles. Refuse to pay anyone who just copies someone else’s work.

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