Hidden Costs In Free Offers

For every one entrepreneur who learns how to earn money on the internet, there are many more wanting to do the same thing. So, the ratio of success to failure increases as the gap between the two groups gets bigger.

One of the by-products of this growing gap is the increase of traffic in opportunity offers as the result of the increase in successful projects. There is no doubt that opportunity abounds, but in any endeavor it takes time, a resource that is in short supply especially if you’re not quite ready to “fire your boss”.

After getting past free promotion, bonus packages, and getting down to business, a knowledge gap appears. At this point the relation between time and easy, or time and low-cost, is starting to look more like a liability instead of an asset.

I think of my time as a valuable asset that must be leveraged to increase its value. Similarly, money is an asset if more comes in than is paid out. So I invest time as I do money, by evaluating the risk and return on investment. Therefore costs hidden in free offers are mainly based on the value of time.

Not all opportunities are created equal in the leverage department. Once you find out that “easy” is not the same as the time it takes to get your business produce a profit, your time has been leveraged by someone else at your expense. When time and money liability becomes unsustainable, the opportunity is forgone for stories about internet business that doesn’t work.

Many investments in so-called easy to follow, step-by-step, methods lead to monthly liabilities like service fees for an ISP, leads, auto-responders, etc. Until income exceeds the cash flowing out, the liability is compounded by the time it takes to learn how to build the business to profit and you’ll likely need deep pockets to leverage your time. Alternatively, opportunity with a fixed cost changes the time leverage factor in your favor.

Fortunately, I discovered one such opportunity that’s like a Swiss army knife because of the multi-function it delivers. Once past the red flags of big money, low-cost, network building, and leveraging time for marketing, this extraordinary opportunity earned its place in my portfolio because it is also an object lesson, a bonus to learning how to leverage time and money to build your business.

There were only three payments to start-up, a total one-time expense less than a 1 year domain rental liability. Software and e-book products were delivered immediately upon purchase. In a few easy steps, I had signed up for merchant accounts that now enable me to do transactions internationally. All I do now is promote the site along with my other internet business investments.

If you don’t have a low maintenance high potential earner in your portfolio yet or would like an object lesson to test your existing investments, please drop by my site for the link or email me.

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