How Deliverability is Damaged?

How many times professionals have said that senders should adopt better practices to enhance their programs but, marketers ignores it every time and commit same old blunder. They end up getting nothing but terrible outcomes and they blame them on ISPs for their tough spam filtering policies.

One of the reasons why emails are undeliverable is due to failed authentication checks. This is a key reason why marketers should keep good records of the authentications to make it easy for the ISPs to identify authentic senders and make use of the reputation data to make decisions related to delivery. More damaging is an incorrect or broken record which can be even more devastating than not having any record at all. For instance consider the case where the IP address and sender is identified by authentication and when this authentication check fails it sends out a message that the “email was not sent by me” and thus do not deliver the message.

One of the other things that damages chances of deliverability of marketing emails is using an unrecognizable sender address. It’s a general practice among the recipients to decide what should be done about the email after reading the sender address otherwise the email is most likely going to be reported as spam or deleted right away. So, the more you try to hide your identity the more damaging would be the results.

One of the ways to self destroy a good email marketing effort is to use subject lines which look like spam or spam themselves. The subject line is the next most important thing after sender line for an email marketing campaign to be successful.

Another important point that most marketers ignore when they send marketing emails is check the list for bad or invalid email addresses. A list full of incorrect or invalid address creates a bad reputation on ISP thus increasing the chances of messages being blocked. Taking invalid addresses off of your list regularly improves the situation. Processing requests to unsubscribe and taking care of spam complaints instantly also helps a great deal.

What could be the next damaging factor to a good email marketing campaign? It is generating excessive complaints. If you accumulate a lot of complaints from the receivers this affects your reputation again on ISP and they use this as a foremost factor to stop your emails. To help reduce this, immediately remove the addresses that are associated with any spam complaints you get. Not only that, take one extra step in finding out how those addresses got into your list and what commonalities they share in order to better your programs and cut complaints down.

Sending unsolicited emails is not just anyone’s liberty. Nobody would like to see any unsolicited email in his/her inbox without any reason. The ISPs judge a sender’s reputation by knowing how sender acquired the email address of the receiver like whether they solicited their permission or simply got it by spamming.

It is a tendency by the marketers to overload their emails with irrelevant text and images which the receivers may not want to see. Always ask for subscriber’s choice in selecting the kind of content they want to receive and go one extra mile in asking any other thing that they can do to satisfy their requirements.

Few points discussed above are some of the many measures that email marketers can take to prevent the deliverability of their emails from getting damaged.

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