How To Find Products To Sell Online

You plan to start your own online business? But your plan is keep delaying because you do not have product to sell it. You are busy looking and search a product which can be sold online. Try to contact a few suppliers to get a dealership so that you can sell their products; but still struggling to decide one.

Don’t delaying your plan anymore! Get started your online business right away, immediately! In actual fact, you do not need to own a product to start your online business. There are tons of products and services available online where you can integrate them into your online business and earn a good income using these products. This article will outline 6 sources where you can find products to sell online:

1. Garage sales and flea markets

If you think to start out small so that you can gain some experience on online business, garage sales is a good place to start. eBay provides a good place for you start your garage sales online. You need to get an eBay account and putting the information of your products and get start to sell them online.

2. Get Wholesales products from eBay

eBay itself is a good source where you can find many wholesales products. Normally wholesales products are selling in lot. Look for the wholesales lots that can be broken down to individual sales. And you can resell the individual items under your eBay account, or you could set up you own merchant website to promote the items.

3. Drop Shipper Directories

Drop shippers are wholesales that will ship directly to your customers. Your customers order the products from your website at the price you defined. One your get the order, you will order the product from the drop shipper and make the payment according to the drop shipper’s price which is lower that your selling price, so that your will earn the margin. The drop shipper will then deliver the product directly to your customer. By using drop shippers, you don’t have to invest in or store inventory. Directories of drop shipper are for sale online, some are on e-book format and others need to join the network with a minimum membership cost. The important is to make sure you are buying a reputable drop shipper directory.

4. Wholesaler Directories

You can get the directories of manufacturers, wholesales and/or distributors from your local library. Wholesales directories can be purchased online or you could join the membership of wholesales network and get the products at wholesales price.

5. Unique Crafters

Local crafters are a good source of unique products. Products made from pewter with local features, famous crafter’s gifts from your hometown, season crafters, crafters for lovers are among the products that you can search from your local crafter’s directories. You may negotiate a reduced price with a committed selling volume. Either buy the item outright, or you can set up a consignment arrange with them.

6. Foreign trade offices

United States has been the largest importer for many countries; these countries will maintain a trade office in major US cities. Get these foreign trade offices at your place. They may be able to let you know about the companies which are interested in exporting their products to the US.

In Summary

Online business can be started right away with and without a merchant website. eBay always is a good place to let you start your online business without the need of merchant website. Besides eBay, there are many other sources where you can find more than a product to sell online.

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