How To Find The Best Keywords

Think back and remember the feeling when you received resell rights to a product for the first time. It sent a tingle up your spine and you could see the millions you were going to make.

A while later after spending most of your imaginary fortune on imaginary things, and buying the dog a bone so big she would take a few lifetimes to finish it the bad old dude, reality, decided to make a comeback.

You set up your webpage and payment links, bought some PPC traffic, wrote an article or two and really put a lot into promoting your resell rights product. Why not, you get to keep all the money you make.

A couple sold but it never reached those heights you were hoping for, but at least it made you some money and that feels like you have achieved success, and indeed you have. But more importantly, you have also lined someone else’s pockets.

You get resell rights to certain products with your purchase, or from a membership site that offers resell rights products to their subscribers every month in exchange for a subscription fee.

Resell rights to products is a good idea, and yes, you can make money from it.

The coin also has another side, and it is a more golden side than the one you are used to seeing. That side belongs to the owner or author of the resell rights product.

What exactly does he get from the deal and why in the world would he want to give the resell rights to someone else and get no money for his work?

Allowing affiliates to market the product would make a lot more sense because he will still be earning money for each product that gets sold.

A thought would be that once the product has outlived its initial value, you can then sell the resell rights to others because you have already made your money. This however might implicate that a product with resell rights would be inferior to a product sold by affiliates.

This is not the truth by a long shot. There is however a difference between products with resells rights and affiliate products.

Both products are aimed at the end-user, but a resell right product is more targeted toward back-end sales. Its purpose is back-end sales and that is why the creator of the product sells the resell rights to others.

The purpose of a resell rights e-book would be to give information or to teach something, but in the process of doing that it would promote other products to the reader to achieve what is taught in the book.

So how is this done?

You have a few products that you would like to promote. You might own them or just be an affiliate for the products. Take four or five of the products that are closely related to one another that would together achieve a common goal. Do some market research and find a profitable niche related to the products and you are ready for takeoff.

As an example let’s take two software products and two ebooks about SEO.

Write an e-book or report explaining step by step how to do on-page and off-page optimization. Explain to the reader how to maximize his rankings by using blogs and back links as well as how to optimize for the correct keywords so his site would be seen and indexed by the search engines. Four steps, four products.

Broadly explain on-page optimization so that the reader will be able to do it manually and have enough knowledge as to what it entails. Leave out the fine details of the subject.

During your explanations and tutorials as well as at the end of the book keep referring to the e-book you are promoting, and what advantages it will hold for the owner. Every time you mention the product it has a link to the product sales page, which of course is your affiliate link.

Write your entire book promoting all the products you have decided upon.

Now this does not devalue your book, and you do give useful and valuable information to the reader even if he does not buy any of the products you are promoting. Those are there if he wants to know more, perfect the system, or make it easier and faster to get to the end result. Your book will have value in itself and you can sell it for $20, 00 with resell or master resell rights or if it is a report sell it for $9.95.

You will get some sales if you market your product well and others in turn will market and sell your product as well. But you will make the real money from the sales produced by the links throughout your book. That is why selling products with resell rights makes financial sense.

The resell rights you give to the buyer adds value to your product and will in many cases justify the price you are charging.

The dog has been good-naturedly waiting while you have been reading this article, please go get the dog a bone.

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