How To Increase Website Traffic With Newsletters

There are many marketing solutions out there for your website, but the best way to increase website traffic quickly is writing a newsletter. Writing a weekly newsletter would be ideal but is not required. If you write an article for newsletters from time to time you will notice the increased website traffic. The best thing about writing a newsletter is that it is free marketing that will increase your website traffic.

All that you need in order to write a newsletter is an idea, some writing skills, and someone interested in publishing the newsletter. If you’re concerned on where you actually market your website throughout the newsletter, it mainly comes from the resource box. The resource box allows you to write a small amount of information about yourself and/or your site and then a link to your site. The resource box is the key part to increase website traffic.

Writing a well written resource box is crucial to help increase website traffic. If you have a poorly written resource box, you will have trouble generating more traffic. There are a few ways you can improve your resource box to assure yourself of increased website traffic. The first thing you will want to do is include your website link in the resource box. This free marketing strategy gives people the option to click on your link through your resource box, thus increasing your website traffic.

Make sure to not use any affiliate links in your resource box. Affiliate links are long and tend to turn people off as oppose to increasing website traffic. If you really want to include an affiliate link, create a page on your site that is a _javascript redirecting to your affiliate site link. This will allow you to keep the URL as short as possible and help you increase website traffic.

Trial and error tends to be the best method for anything in the internet marketing business. Try several different resource boxes and determine which one help increase website traffic the best. This will allow you to find the right resource box so that you can stick with it for newsletters, articles, and even blog entries.

Publishing your article in one newsletter will not give you the results you may hope for. In order to increase your website traffic without publishing every week you have to find multiple newsletters to publish one article. Searching for multiple newsletters to publish your article is by far the most important part of the plan. If you can find 10-15 newsletters to publish your article you will see steadily increased website traffic.

Writing an article for several newsletters is one of the best marketing strategies to increase website traffic quickly. If you place a resource box on the bottom and find several newsletters willing to publish your article, you will see increased website traffic after a short time. So get out there and begin researching to find the right newsletters.

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