Make Sure You Over-Deliver

So, you want a profitable on-line business. With just under 30,000,000 web sites on internet marketing newsletters alone, where on earth do you start? I wanted a mentor that does exactly what I plan to do with my business. What would that be? I wanted a mentor that does virtually what I have done off-line for years. I want a mentor who will over-deliver.

As a savvy marketer, you already know that repeat customers are the mainstay of your business. A quality internet marketer also recognizes happy customers as his/her best source of viral marketing. So what does this have to do with over-delivering.


What exactly is over-delivering? First, you under-promise. Ensure that you tell your customer the truth and are conservative in your estimate of what they will be receiving and what its benefits are. Make your commitments with clarity, simplicity, and restraint. Don’t burden the relationship with promises; instead grace it with extras that you can give effortlessly when the time is right. Next, work hard to deliver something better than what you have promised. Finally, deliver more than you have promised of a quality far superior to what your customer is expecting.

You need to have structured your customer base so that they can be contacted often. Now, let’s over-deliver. Because your customer has just received a top quality product and maybe one or two bonuses from you as downloads, why not send another unexpected bonus later… in an email. Just send a download link to a really valuable, related bonus in an email a few days later. You can do this several times over a period of weeks or months. In each email, thank your customer of his purchase and point out that this is an additional bonus as a token of gratitude for his business. This is a very simple method of building customer satisfaction and goodwill. By spreading the unexpected bonuses out, you give the customer time to “dig into” the bonuses. If you send all of the bonuses at once, the customer may just download them on his hard drive and never look at them, at all. Not a good way to get your information out there.

Another method that can be used to over-deliver is with bonuses sent after the sale.It is necessary to point out in each email that another bonus will arrive in a few days/weeks. Your new customer begins expecting your emails, and is much less likely to ask for a refund. They know that if the order is canceled there will be no other bonuses.

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