Monetizing Your Core Competencies

Internet Marketing

The best way to start your business off the right foot is to examine yourself and see what your best skills are. Here is a list of which business models you can excel with:

  • Writing
  • Graphics Design
  • Statistics
  • Programming
  • Networking

Monetizing Your Writing Skills

A writer is always in demand amongst Internet marketing circles. You will be able to monetize in the areas of ghostwriting, copywriting, blogging, article writing, newsletter publishing and content creation.

Contrary to what some people may assume, creating a written product is one of the most daunting tasks a person can undertake. Unless youWriting have a flair for writing, nobody in their right mind will mass produce E-books (unless they are willing to make huge sacrifices for their financial goals).

Writers are also a great asset when it comes to product launches in Internet marketing. You will be able to find joint venture partners easily if you are willing to contribute your writing skills to the areas of writing sales letters, E-courses, and promo E-mails.

Monetizing Your Graphics Designing Skills

Graphic designers are also very important within the Internet marketing niche. A graphic designer can easily earn a hundred dollars for good quality E-covers, blog banners and site graphics.

You can even sell the Photoshop PSD file by giving away the rights for someone to rebrand them on their own sites.

One of the reasons why a graphic designer (or artist) is always in demand is because graphics tend to sell themselves.

People DO judge a book by its cover and it is very important to tap into this psychological factor. It can make the difference between getting a sale and NOT getting a sale.

Analyzing Statistics

As surprising as it may sound, making money online is all about analyzing statistics. You can learn a lot from analyzing data such as your click-through rates (how many people click on your links or your ads), your impressions (how times you page or ads are loaded) and your conversion rates – how much money you make each time someone visits your website!

You will be able to track your statistics properly using the following tools – Google Analytics and Statcounter .


If you are good at programming, you will be able to excel when it comes to installing scripts like The butterfly marketing script , JV Manager and many others that require technical skills.

HTML and PHP skills also come in handy when it comes to blogging and other web-based software.


This skill is quite valuable when it comes to finding JV partners and outsourcing.

Just like in the real world, networking is also equally important when it comes to building friendships and getting people to promote your products.

If you want to excel in Internet marketing, you must not sit in front of your computer without talking to anyone. A person who is good at networking offline is also able to do the same online – it is just that the medium that is used is different (using MSN or SKYPE or Yahoo! Messenger).

You can also go to World Internet Summits (WIS) or other Internet marketing conventions to touch base with other marketers and speakers.

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