Niche Advertising is More Productive and Cost Effective

One of the things that makes niche marketing so attractive is that the advertising budget goes farther. It costs much less to advertise to a specialized niche market than to advertise to a broader market – even if a percentage of that broad market may be interested in the product or service.

In addition, sales conversion (the ratio of contacts vs. actual sales) and bottom line profit will typically be muchProfit Analysis higher from an advertising campaign directed toward a tightly targeted niche market. Just remember to keep the ad campaign in context. Don’t attempt to advertise your weight loss program in a newsletter that is sent out to a list of horse breeders. To the reader, your ad would seem weird in the least – like being offered gourmet cheese samples in an auto parts store.

So here is the bottom line ….

Whether online or offline, niche marketing is a very effective and cost efficient way to advertise and sell specific products or services to a specific audience. But only you can decide *which* specific niche audience(s) you want
to deal with.

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