Solo Ezine Ads

Stand Alone Advertising

So what are Solo Ezine Ads? Simply stated, these are advertisements published in ezines or newsletters where no other ad competes against your marketing message. Also know as Stand Alone Ads. This ad is then sent to subscribers of ezines who have already agreed to receive these ezines and any accompanying ads.

Often referred to as the KING of ezine advertising, the solo ad allows the advertiser to reach her audience of willing to buy opt-in subscribers. These subscribers are already familiar with the publisher of the ezine and trust his or her recommendations.

A well-developed ad sent through this type of advertising has the potential to create fortunes. Many online professionals have used this method to build huge internet businesses.

While no one can guarantee your ad will make you a fortune, using this method will offer you the best chance of getting your marketing message out to warm, willing to buy interested subscribers.

Once you eliminate competition from other advertisers by using solo ads, it’s up to you to develop your advertising to get that almighty click and close the sale.

How Solo Ezine Ads Work

One of the beauties of using stand alone ads is the amount of words you are able to use. Generally publishers allow ads to include up to 500 words. This allows you to create headlines, bulleted points, and your URL. Think of it as a mini-mini website.

Your ads should have an attention-getting headline (believable headline) subheadings, bullets, and a call to action. Above all list, benefits, benefits, benefits!

Take full advantage of the amount of space being offered. Read your ad, let others read your ad. State a problem, then share how your product or service can solve it for them.

Once you have an ad ready, you need to find a resource that will send your message to their readers.

If your target market is outside of internet marketers, we suggest doing a search for ezine directories. Some require membership fees and others are free. There are thousands of ezines and newsletters to choose from. Not all will allow advertising. However, you can subscribe to a few to see if they are of value, if so, contact the publisher and offer your product or service for his or her review. A good review from a trusted publisher can mean profits to you.

Track Your Ads

Tracking your ads is very important. If you place ads with more than one vendor you will need to know which are pulling and which are not pulling.

No matter what type of advertising you do, if you are not tracking every click, you are losing money.

Are Solo Ezine Ads Dead?

With the advent of Google Adwords, and the mad rush to advertise using this effective method, Internet marketers left the ezine world. This leaves an old but still effective marketing door open, especially for niche marketers.

Spend some time today searching for quaility ezines in your targeted market. A well written solo ad in a quaility ezine can still make the mortgage payment.

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