The Importance of Relevant Keywords

We have all heard of them “keywords” but what are they really, the best way to put it is, what is the word or phrase people will put into the search engine to locate your site. Once you have decided on what keyword you want to use. The best way to decide on what keyword to optimise your site for is to use a keyword selector tool put in your phrase or keyword and it will bring up a list of keywords and how many times those keywords were searched for within the month. If your keyword was searched a lot meaning in the hundreds of thousands of times then I would suggest you look down the list and find a phrase similar but not searched as much. The reason for this is that there would be too many websites optimised for your keyword.

Your keyword must be in your meta tags of your website. If you open up your website and go to view and click on source you will see a whole lot of writing and if you read it from the top you will see meta name=”keyword” content etc this is where your keywords have been placed for your website. You can change your keywords by logging into your website hosting panel and changing them to be more in keeping with your chosen keyword or phrases. You must then optimize your site so that your keyword can also be found within your website as you would be penalized by the search engines if you have a keyword or phrase which is not anywhere on your website.

Keywords are very important they help the search engines to identify your site for searchers. You must optimise your site for your chosen keyword. I use a top 10 optimiser for my site so that I can get within the top 10 sites for my chosen keywords.

It is important to note that you should optimise your site and have your keywords inserted correctly before you submit to the search engines. The search engines will re check your site but it may take 30 days for them to come back to your site so ensure it is optimised before you submit. It is also important to ensure you have content on your website that has your keywords embedded in it. It could be articles or items for sale, links or pictures.

Another important note is that search engines like Google read your website from top left to right bottom so try and ensure your keyword is used in the upper left hand corner and the bottom right hand side of your page.

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