Traffic Generation – Video Sharing

Video sharing has becomes a much formidable method of traffic generation especially after the unbelievable popularity of YouTube. Today, there are several other wannabes that are in the YouTube mould, but for a marketer, video sharing has become synonymous with YouTube marketing.

The concept is simple again. You make an interesting video about some interesting aspect about your product and then post it on YouTube. With its millions of viewers per month, you can be sure that your video will be watched several times. If your video is good, you can draw visitors from your video to your website directly.

YouTube is built for marketers. It has a unique feature in which you can insert a website link into the video itself and make it clickable. Since the viewer doesn’t have to undergo the hassle of seeing and typing the email address, you can be assured to getting more visitors. Also, you can improve the prospects of your video through content. YouTube allows meta tag descriptions, which means great SEO and also has content such as headlines which again you can spruce up for SEO. You must also note that YouTube is a Google subsidiary and hence it uses the amazing Google search engine.

Another thing that you must note is that YouTube is also a social networking site. You can make your account there and comment on videos and stuff. This means people get to talking about your video and the product shown therein. This leads to another awesome aspect of traffic generation, known as viral marketing.

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